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The goal of Published & Profitable is provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to publish a book that transforms your career.


Success is based on 4-steps that provide a framework and sequence for the tasks involved in planning, writing, promoting, and profiting from a book. The 4 steps are:

  • Step 1: Plan. Successful books are not "written" as much as they are planned, identifying the right topic, market, approach, and contents.

  • Step 2: Write. Success comes from writing the first draft as quickly and efficiently as possible. This leaves time for editing and fine-tuning.

  • Step 3: Promote. The author's ability to promote is crucial. Quality information, by itself, does not ensure success. Books have to be promoted so that their quality is brought to the attention of prospective readers.

  • Step 4: Profit. Profits from book sales, no matter how great they may become, are seldom enough. Successful authors are experts are creating back-end profits based on their book's visibility.


The following topics permit you to quickly access tools and resources. Topics permit you to go directly to areas of concern like:

Published & Profitable members learn how to create newsletters that can be used both online and offline.

  • Book Architecture. The articles and worksheets will help you create better book covers, identify the major parts of a book, and create a list of text and graphic elements to be included in each chapter.

  • Getting Published. This section is intended to provide a broader introduction to book publishing than the information and tools associated with the Steps listed in the previous section.

  • Offline Marketing. These resources and tools will help you prepare effective newsletters and postcards, as well as with networking and speaking.

  • Online Marketing. The articles and tools in this section focus on helping you create an effective web presence for yourself, using a combination of blog, website, and social marketing tools.

  • Persuasive Writing. This focuses on writing that gets results for specific tasks like back covers, press releases, and new business proposals.

  • Design for authors.Formatting--the visual impression you message make--is often as important as the content of your messages. Here, you'll learn simple techniques to attract your prospect's eyes and keep them reading.


Tools refer specific resources that can help you as you address the Steps and Topics listed above. Tools are organized in terms of the type of desired assistance:

Mind maps help you identify your market, evaluate your competition, create a table of contents, and keep in constant touch with your readers and prospects.

  • Assessments. These consist of online files that help you identify your goals and make better decisions.

  • Checklists.provide a framework for planning, writing, or marketing. Template categories include mind maps, word processing, and Microsoft Publisher files.

  • Mind maps. Mind mapping is a 25-year old technique that can now be easily accomplished using personal computers. Mind maps permit you to visually display, organize, and plan even the most complex projects on a single screen or sheet of paper.

  • Spreadsheets. These help you sort ideas and perform calculations, like computing the amount of time you have spent on your project.

  • Templates. Templates provide a framework for planning, writing, or marketing. Templates are intended to be used with software programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, and Mindjet's MindManager 7.0.

  • Worksheets. These online tools simplify getting started on projects by asking questions that--when answered--provide a structure for completion.


Resources refers to formats used to deliver information intended to be read, listened to, referred to, or watched. This, of course, is in contrasting to the above Tools used to work on specific tasks.

  • Articles. can be read online, or you can print them out after pressing the Printer-Friendly Format icon at the bottom of each page.

  • Audios. can be listened to online, or downloaded to your mobile listening device.

    Published & Profitable members receive immediate access to my 184-page e-book that has launched numerous writing careers.

  • Blogs. This increasingly important technology permits Published & Profitable members to comment on recent accomplishments, challenges, amd trends.

  • Books for Authors. These resources are divided into lists of books about specialized topics about planning, writing, and marketing.

  • Discussion Forum. Post comments and ask questions to Roger C. Parker, the Published & Profitable Editorial Board and other members.

  • E-books. Members profit from immediate access to the 4th edition of my 184-page e-book and my concise Proposal Writing Handbook.

  • Events. I've been conducting audio interviews and teleseminars since 2000, and I've created webinars and workshops for firms like Microsoft and Mindjet. Events take place live several times a month.

  • Glossaries. Definitions of important terms and help creating your own for your readers.

  • Inspiration. Stories of success and perspective to help maintain your focus on success.

  • News. Recent trends in book publishing and promotion.

  • Previous weekly tips. One-stop access to previous tips.

  • Videos. "How to" tutorials based around tasks needed to complete the 4 Steps and master various software programs.

  • Web Resources. Blogs and websites that provide assistance or teach important lessons.

Masters of Book Success

This section contains case studies describing the success of specific books, or book series, showing how authors who have created and leveraged successful brands for themselves.

Profit from ongoing critiques and commentary on successful careers and best-selling nonfiction books.

  • Hall of Fame A-M. Books and career descriptions of authors whose last names appear in the first-half of the alphabet.

  • Hall of Fame N-Z. Books and career commentary about authors whose last names appear in the last-half of the alphabet.

  • Newly-minted Authors. Stories of recent authors who have recently published their first book.

  • Enduring classics. Case histories of books that remain as valid today as they did when they first appeared 20, 40, or 70 years ago.

Editorial Board

Ron Hobart and Kathi Dunn are award-winning book cover designers who add a extra dimension to covers and speaker materials.

Editorial Board members were selected because of their experience in book publishing. Each is a published author with one, or more, successful books, or years of experience in book publishing.

  • A-M Members Editorial Board members located in the first-half of the alphabet.

  • N-Z Members. Board members located in the last-half of the alphabet.

  • Board news. News of recent accomplishments by board members.


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The calendar located on the home page helps you avoid missing important events by providing advance notice of upcoming teleseminars and webinars. There are 2 types of events:

  • Teleseminars. These include presentations by Roger C. Parker as well as interviews with authors, designers, and marketing professionals. Questions can be submitted in advance, or--in most cases--during the event.

  • Webinars. These add a visual element to special events. You can "follow the action" in real time on your computer monitor, while listening to Roger and his guests.

In many cases, note-taking sheets and other handout materials are distributed via e-mail before events.

About this Site

These pages are for specialized purposes. A few highlights include:

  • The Article Index and Site Map offer alternative ways to locate desired information and resources.

  • Sample Articles permit prospective members to get a better idea of site content.

  • About Roger C. Parker describes my publishing, speaking, and online background, with links to a detailed look at my books.

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