Recorded Coaching Session: Jumpstarting sales of Tim Barretto's "Searching for Joy"

8 suggestions for boosting sales of a popular book with an important lesson

Tim Barretto's Searching for Joy tells the story of an architect facing the dangers of cancer, told in a sensitive prose that emphasizes the relationship of fathers and sons. Vivid scenes of skiing, fly-fishing, and the complicated tensions of family show how learning to enjoy life and to have a passion for living is one of the finer gifts one generation can pass on to another.

Published in 2007 by Beech River Press to regional popularity and acclaim, the goal now is to expand the book's sales beyond the Seacoast New Hampshire area.

During our call, we begin by focusing on the book's target market and the benefits it offers its readers. We then discuss low-cost promotional techniques that can be easily implemented, in order to introduce the book to a national audience.

We also discuss the advantages of exploring the possibility of developing quantity sales to special markets.

Download the recording of our 1-hour coaching session

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