Content marketing tips for authors, Newt Barrett's interview highlights

Learn how to use content to convert prospects into buyers.

Newt Barrett, the president of Content Marketing Strategies, publishes the Content Marketing Today blog and is co-author, with Jim Pullizzi, of Get Content. Get Customers.

The book's subtitle summarizes the benefits readers enjoy: How to use content marketing to deliver relevant, valuable, and compelling information that turns prospects into buyers.


Get Content. Get Customers. emerged out of the need for a content marketing handbook that would describe, in detail, how authors could connect with their customers online and in print.

Today, many marketing authorities discuss Social Marketing but fail to address how to create the content that is needed for social marketing.

fills this void by presenting a brilliant outline on how to create content that will engage your targeted audience.

Their intended market was small business owners and professionals who didn't have big budgets to spend on developing content and designing a marketing campaign.

Author background

Newt Barrett was an avid reader of presidential biographies as a child as well as authors like Jules Verne.

During the interview, he described how his school required pupils to write a "perfect paragraph each day."

But, his calling to write a book did not really occur until very recently, within the past two years. As the former publisher of a magazine he had experience writing media kits and marketing materials.

Modeling success

Inspired by such writers as Jim Collins and Paul Gillin, they designed the structure of Get Content. Get Clients. to emulate authors' success.

"The hallmark of content marketing," says Mr. Barrett, "is to determine what benefit people will get from reading your book." The same concept applies to marketers who ask "What can I do to help my clients succeed?"

He offers a detailed discussion on the planning stages of this book, and the logistics of how he worked with his co-author, Jim Pulizzi. With the first step done -- determining how this book will benefit their readers -- the next step was to create an outline.

He praises the use of an outline to keep things focused and he also recounts how they were able to discover a critical missing piece to the book once the outline was complete. Using an outline enabled the writers to get a fuller picture of the book.

Experiences writing the book

The authors wrote the book sequentially -- by focusing on one chapter at a time. "We are not disciplined writers," jokes Mr. Barrett, but each author had assigned chapters and they adhered to strict deadlines.

Having deadlines proved to be very important, and most of the writing tended to be accomplished near the end of the deadline.

The case studies, or profiles, used in the book came from a variety of sources. Mr. Barrett has experience with the Naples Chamber of Commerce, for example, and he credits "serendipity on the web" for discovering some other case studies. "You stumble upon something that is obviously fabulous…and you call them and ask them if they'd like to be a part of a book."

The most difficult task in writing the book was taking a great deal of disparate ideas about content marketing and synthesizing them in such a way that a reader who has no knowledge of this relatively new concept can understand. The authors, based on the sales and the critical reviews, have obviously succeeded.


If "content is king," as the old adage goes, this book -- and the interview -- offer an excellent roadmap to connecting with your goals and, ultimately, your customers and audience.

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