Do you need help writing a book to build your personal brand?

Personalized help planning, writing, and profiting from your book are as close as your computer!

Good things happen when we put our heads, and our computers, together!

Rapid progress can occur, moving stalled projects forward and laying the groundwork for a successful publishing experience.

Can you afford to write a book?

A better question would be, "Can you afford not to write a book?"

The benefits of writing a book to build your personal brand are well known. The top benefits include:

  1. Visibility. A book is the best business card you'll ever have. It's a high-profile way to expand your search engine visibility and provides a focal point for your online presence. Your enhanced awareness will attract new prospects to your business.
  2. Respect. A published book sets you apart from your competition. It proves your understanding of your market's needs. A published book pre-sells your knowledge of your topic and ability to serve your market.
  3. Knowledge.. If you think you know your subject area well now, wait until after you've written and promoted a book on the topic! You'll gain a new understanding of your topic and the ways it can benefit you and your clients.
  4. Communications skills. Writing is a learnable skill: the skills you perfect writing and marketing your book will help you in all of your marketing activities.
  5. Connections. Published books open doors of opportunity opening lines of communication with experts in your field whom you might not otherwise be able to add to your network.

Two of the best reports summarizing the benefits authors gain from writing and publishing brand-building books are:

  • The Business Impact of Writing a Book. Published by the Wellesley Hills Group, this research report analyzed 200 authors who had published 590 books cataloged the benefits they enjoyed.

  • 42 Rules for Driving Success with Books. Written by Mitchell Levy, this book describes specific ways published books changed the lives, careers, and profits of a broad spectrum of authors and business owners.

So, why isn't everyone writing a book?

Well, to a certain degree, they are!

According to a recent study quoted in an article by a leading New York City author and agent Arielle Ford in the Huffington Post, over 82% of Americans plan to write a book someday.

Obviously, however, the vast majority of these "planned" books never appear.

What keeps these books from getting written?

We're all familiar with the usual reasons:

  • I don't have the time

  • I'm not a good writer

  • I don't know where to start

  • I tried, but couldn't get an agent or publisher

  • There's too much competition

  • Publishers aren't interested in new authors

I hear these, and other, comments every day. Many contain an element of truth.

All of the objections, however, can be successfully addressed and overcome. I know, because I've done it, I've been studying the DNA of brand-building nonfiction books for over 20 years, and I have a system of writing tools and techniques that I use on a daily basis with clients who are planning, writing, promoting, and profiting from their brand-building books.

Published & Profitable resources

I offer a unique type of virtual coaching, based on the hundreds of worksheets, mind maps, and other resources available at Published & Profitable."

When we work together, we work together during our online coaching sessions, we use screen sharing software so you I can share each other's screens. This permits us both to look at the same worksheet, mind map, or word processed document.

This permits an unparalleled efficiency as we move your publishing project towards completion.

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