By popular demand -- The Best of Roger's Best

Many of you have been asking me lately if there was a way you could get all of my Guerrilla Marketing & Design Newsletters in one easy-to-read PDF file.

So I went to work, thinking about how I could do this. After looking at the hundreds of newsletters I've done over the years, (and that's a lot of years), here's what I came up with for you: By popular request - I'm calling it…

"The Best of Roger C. Parker's Guerrilla Marketing & Design"

And it's perfect for authors, entrepreneurs, business owners, & information marketers with an excellent introduction and review of today's best copy, design, and marketing ideas. There are 139 pages of valuable, concise, timeless, and easy-to-read, "how to" examples, ideas, tips, resources, and strategies containing hundreds of actionable, "must-know" ideas - 68 newsletters in all.

Indexed table of contents

Plus…all of this is available in a single PDF file, with a detailed table of contents, so you can easily read and print. This is the only place you can access many of the most important words about marketing and design I've ever written! You'll find hundreds of pages of timeless, rock-solid marketing and design advice that will help you make more money by growing your customer list and business. And it doesn't matter whether you're a writer, a marketer, or a business professional, the advice and value you'll get is proven and practical.

Hundreds of topically-organized tips

Here are just some of the valuable marketing and design topics you'll get:

  • The most effective way to market with one-page newsletters

  • The power of marketing with low-cost postcards

  • How you can prepare and deliver successful presentations and avoid the stress

  • How to convert your newsletters into cash

  • Using a "signature" photo to build trust and relationships

  • Marketing with simple Tip Sheets

  • Saving hours of time with templates

  • How to use persuasive copywriting techniques in all your materials

  • Using color most effectively in your marketing materials
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The above topics only scratch the surface of what's included! As many of you know, usually the only way to get the Guerrilla Marketing & Design Newsletters is to sign up for the One Page Newsletter Program for $289.00. But with the economy being in a recession and all, I know cash flow is a little tight for many of you, and The Best of Roger C. Parker's Guerrilla Marketing & Design could be just what the doctor ordered to help you improve your own financial situation. That being said, I'm willing to let you literally steal these from me for just $39. With all the practical and actionable advice you get, it would be darn near impossible to not find at least one idea (though you'll more likely find dozens) that you can immediately use and make your tiny investment back many times over. And just to prove to you how much I think you'll benefit -- if you order it before February 5, 2010, I'll throw in 2 special bonuses absolutely free!

Bonus # 1

BONUS #1: Twenty three more Design to Sell newsletters, ideas, resources for making design your marketing partner, plus great writing tips, in PDF format. Included are topics such as design essentials, automating your marketing, choosing the right newsletter title, white paper marketing, e-mail formatting blunders, biggest author mistakes made, and much more. Regardless of the brilliance of your words, your idea, and your offer, unless somebody actually looks at them, they are lost in that enormous vacuum of invisibility. How do you get people to look at them and begin to like them? One word answer: design! On numerous occasions, Jay Conrad Levinson, the author of Guerrilla Marketing, the world's best-selling marketing book series has said: Nobody does a better job of showing how to use design to build customer relations than Roger C. Parker. And, just like Billy Mays would have said -- "And we're not done yet! If you order by the above deadline, we'll also throw in…

Bonus #2

BONUS #2: Five additional newsletters and reports with money-making ideas like how to use postcard marketing to your advantage, using mind-mapping to organize your thoughts and projects, how to blog for profit by selling information products, and more.

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So what are you waiting for - Order this recession busting special deal To your success, Roger C. Parker P.S. For goodness sake -- don't miss the deadline, because these bonuses are as valuable as Roger's Best!

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