Author Guide to Choosing a Book Title

Follow a 3-step process when selecting your book's title

Your choice of book title is critically important.

Choose the right title, and you establish instant rapport with your intended readers. The right title clearly indicates who should buy your book, why they should buy your book, and how readers will benefit from your book. Strong titles cross boundaries; they communicate audibly and visually, contributing to sales success in bookstores and online.

Choose the wrong title, however, and your book becomes invisible. Just as the headline is the most important part of an advertisement, the title is the promise that compels prospective readers to pay attention to your book and the subtitle and expert endorsements that follow.

During this call, I provide a new perspective on the characteristics of effective nonfiction book titles and describe a simple process to follow as you explore possible book titles.

We even include tips on testing titles as you plan and write your book!

  • The "must have" keys to a successful title

  • Questions to ask yourself as you begin the title selection process

  • Tips for increasing sales by appealing to fewer potential readers

  • Examples of book title success

  • Questions to ask when evaluating potential book titles

  • How to test book titles and obtain your market's opinion on proposed titles

Download the recording

Download the note-taking sheet and Title Evaluation Worksheet

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