What to do if your writing project has hit a brick wall

Are you frustrated by the slow progress you're making on your project?

Working by yourself, it's often very difficult to resume progress on a stalled project. The calendar keeps turning, but your project never seems to move forward.

Restoring lost momentum

Progress often comes quickly, however, after you schedule 1-on-1 coaching time with a  coach such as myself. Working together in an online, screen-sharing environment, we'll move your project forward faster than you thought possible. Here's what Dan Schawbel, author of Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success, said after a recent call with me: Roger Parker is a real pro when it comes to book proposals and the publishing business. Working with him online together, completing a detailed table of contents for my next book, took less than an hour--while my previous book took several weeks!

With my help, you'll see real results by busting through that brick wall that's been holding you back. Together, we can move forward on important tasks like:

  • Establish realistic goals for your project

  • Identifying your ideal readers and the information they want

  • Position yourself or your product relative to the competition

  • Choose the right Headline, Title and subtitle

  • Select the right publisher or best self-publishing option

  • Prepare a proposal and query letters for clients, agents and publishers

  • Find the time to write without the stress of "deadline madness"

  • Finish your project as efficiently & quickly as possible
Don't let another month go by without making significant progress !

Get immediate help!

Call 603-866-6021, or E-mail Roger C. Parker to learn more about how Roger C. Parker can help you move your project forward with 1-on-1 personalized coaching and private webinar working sessions.

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