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Advice from the 32 Million Dollar Author! My books help businesses introduce new products and build their brand, and readers use design and technology to communicate more effectively.

My 40 books have been translated into Chinese, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. All include numerous examples, illustrations, checklists, and worksheets.

In an industry where sales of 10,000 books is considered very good, my 40 books have been purchased by over 1.6 million readers in over 37 countries!

Just arrived... The first book about choosing nonfiction book titles! #Book Title Tweet contains 140 bite-sized ideas for compelling article, book, and event titles, including examples and tips.

design to sell

Design to sell shows non-designers how to create their own postcards, newsletters, tip sheets, and small ads.

Included are worksheets and checklists to help you plan, write, design, and proof your work.

You'll start by learning what design can, and cannot do, then move on to a step-by-step introduction to Microsoft Publisher.

Preview the book's bonus content here.

Looking Good in Print

Looking Good in Print was the first design primer intended to help non-designers communicate effectively in print. Now in its 6th edition, it has launched hundreds of thousands of careers during the past 20 years.

L.R. Shannon, writing in The New York Times, called it: "The one book to buy when you're buying only one!" Other computer magazines of the day agreed, including PC, MacWorld, Publish, and others.

One-minute designer

My One-Minute Designer contains over 200 key design concepts, each described and shown on a single page. Each page focuses on a single design idea, concisely described and illustrated with a pair of annotated before and after examples.

The One-Minute Designer was widely used to introduce design literacy to corporate environments. Because of numerous requests and brisk sales of used copies, I am going to re-release this as an e-book during 2007.

Relationship Marketing on the Internet

The Streetwise Guide to Relationship Marketing on the Internet attracted a lot of interest, including Seth Godin's, who wrote the Foreword. The book was based on the then-new idea that the web was more important for customer retention than customer acquisition.

Included are dozens of worksheets applying its lessons to different types of businesses.

Makeover Book

Subtitled, 101 Design Solutions for Desktop Publishing, the Makeover Book made it easy for readers to learn by comparing before and after examples of ads, brochures, newsletters, presentations, and training materials.

The Makeover Book was an outgrowth of my many years of preparing "before and after" columns for Computer Retailing and Audio Times. There's always something compelling about side-by-side before and after comparisons.

Guide to Web Content and Design

Roger C. Parker's Guide to Web Content & Design introduced a generation of business owners to a simple, replicable, step-by-step description of tasks that must be completed.

Numerous worksheets and checklists provided a framework for website success. Instead of focusing on a single design or web technology, Guide to Web Content and Design described successful websites as a balanced partnership of eight different elements.

PS: I hope to re-release this as an e-book!

Newsletters from the Desktop

This was the first newsletter book to appear focusing exclusively on designing attractive and easy to read newsletters, Newsletters from the Desktop was a "required reading" handbook for a generation of newsletter editors.

Simplifying design by focusing on a single category of publications, Newsletters from the Desktop showed editors how to identify and optimize each element of newsletter page architecture.

Microsoft Office 97 for Windows for Dummies

I was the original author of the Office for Windows for Dummies volumes which established a new, successful, category for the ... for Dummies brand and launched numerous careers.

For 3 years in a row, Office for Dummies was Publisher's Weekly's Number 1 best-selling computer applications book, which lead to my writing several other For Dummies... topics.


Harvard Graphics 2 for Windows for Dummies

This is one of my favorite books. IDG allowed me to communicate a lot of "advanced" content, design, and delivery  information in the For Dummies... format. 

Software Publishing Corporation must have agreed, because they provided Harvard Graphics for Dummies to their sales and technical staff. They also sent me on a press tour helping introduce their next-generation presentation product.


Freelance Graphics for Dummies

After the success of my other presentation books, IDG Books asked me to co-author a book on Freelance Graphics 96, published by Lotus Software.  

Freelance Graphics was one of the most advanced presentation programs, and contained some of the best templates in the business. Like others in the For Dummies... series, Freelance Graphics for Dummies eliminated the need for new users to wade through various menu levels in order to immediately put the software to work.


Web Design & Desktop Publishing for Dummies

Web Design & Desktop Publishing for Dummies helped a generation of business owners and freelance designers around the world make the transition from print to web.

By emphasizing important differences, and helping newcomers to web design separate the important from the unimportant, Web Design & Desktop Publishing for Dummies helped many entrepreneurs and designers - plus their client's - leverage their existing knowledge into online success.

Desktop Publishing & Design for Dummies

This was the first book to relate design concepts to specific software programs. Desktop Publishing & Design for Dummies reviewed the basics of design and - most important - related design goals to the specific commands used to implement them with Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Aldus PageMaker, Microsoft Publisher, and Quark Xpress.

This book was a staple of corporate training and college extension courses for several years.


Dummies Konyver Web Design

This is the front cover of the Hungarian edition of one of my For Dummies… books. In addition to the translations mentioned above, my books have also been translated into Chinese, Danish, Finnish, French, German, Iceland, Russian, Serbian and other languages.

The success of my early sales in Australia lead to several speaking and workshop tours there, as well as numerous invitations to speak in Canada and Europe.

Aldus Guide to Basic Design

Designed to both introduce first-generation desktop publishers to the importance of basic design concepts, the Aldus Guide to Basic Design was also a powerful marketing tool used as a meeting "leave behind" as well used as a registration incentive for PageMaker users.

Aldus distributed over 200,000 copies before Adobe purchased the firm. The Aldus Guide remains a type of "secret handshake" used by pioneering desktop publishers when they meet and discuss their first jobs.

Using Aldus PageMaker

There was no precedent for Aldus Pagemaker when it became the standard of desktop publishing. Early users needed a volume they could count on to both introduce the concepts and apply them with the new program.

Praised for its logical, step-by-step organization and the clarity of its illustrations, Using Aldus PageMaker introduced over 65,000 users to the first three versions of PageMaker to the principles of desktop publishing.

Mastering the Power of
Aldus Persuasion 2.0

Aldus brought much of PageMaker's control layout and type to presentations. Mastering the Power of Aldus Persuasion 2.0 related Persuasion's features to the specific tasks needed for successful presentations.

D.H. Bangs, author of The Business Planning Guide, wrote: "Parker's is the first book to relate computer software to the dynamics in planning and delivering a presentation."


PaperDirect: The Image Book

PaperDirect manufactured an extensive line of pre-colored papers intended to be completed using black and white ink-jet or laser printers. The results were bright, colorful documents at a black and white price!

PaperDirect's colors and designs were available in "looks" or "families" that covered categories of publications.

I wrote The Image Book to help Paperdirect's customers and prospects choose the right formats and designs, then use their papers as efficiently as possible.


PaperDirect: The Brochure Book

I wrote The Brochure Book to help early association executives and volunteers, departmental managers, and self-employed professionals make the most of PaperDirect's brochure options.

The Brochure Book helped buyers choose from available paper sizes, designs, and formats--including 3- and 4-panel options.

The Brochure Book also described how to use the numerous point-of-purchase displays PaperDirect sold to encourage customers to pick-up and take home a brochure.


PaperDirect: The Newsletter Book

The earliest beneficiaries of the desktop publishing revolution included associations and firms who wanted to keep in touch with their market using a newsletter.

The Newsletter Book to help newcomers to design and desktop publishing make the best use of PaperDirect's numerous newsletter designs and formats, choosing a format consistent with other marketing materials.

The Newsletter Book also helped buyers complete and mail (or distribute) their newsletters as efficiently as possible.


PaperDirect: Holiday Magic

In the years before color ink jet printers began to make inroads into home and office desktop printing, a large portion of PaperDirect's income was based on the home crafts and entertaining market. 

PaperDirect asked me to write Holiday Magic to help their customers choose the right formats and designs for home and office holiday messages and invitations. 

I included worksheets to help users avoid deadline madness, as well as do's and don'ts, tips, and image guidelines to help different categories of business choose the most appropriate PaperDirect designs.


PowerPoint Presentations by Design

Written in close association with Microsoft's Presentations Group, PowerPoint Presentations by Design followed presentation creation from beginning to end,

The book described PowerPoint features in the context of the decisions and steps that needed to be made, as well as choice of output format. Template instructions designs were also included.

Many firms purchased reproduction rights after the book went out of print.


Desktop Publishing with Wordperfect

Desktop Publishing with WordPerfect was a surprisingly influential book, following closely on the heels of Looking Good in Print's success.

Publish! Magazine called it "a thorough and well-organized tutorial…full of good advice on design." It was also praised by the Graphic Artists Book Club and AT&T's Tomorrow's Ideas.

Readers learned how to create ads, brochures, memo's, newsletters, and training materials.


Desktop Publishing with Wordperfect

Desktop Publishing with WordPerfect: Windows Edition, followed closely on the success of my original Desktop Publishing with WordPerfect.

Call-outs on each page draw the reader's attention to important tips and warnings, and the book concludes with a glossary of important terms and a bibliography of recommended books. Before and after examples were also included.


WordPerfect 6 Secrets

WordPerfect 6 Secrets was an attempt to gather, in one volume, just about everything the most advanced software user would need to know about the program's nooks and crannies.

Inside were ideas for automating routine tasks, simplifying complex layout and formatting issues, and ideas for using WordPerfect as a research and publishing tool.


WordPerfect 6 for Windows:
Tips & Techniques Revealed

Millions awaited the release of the first Windows version of WordPerfect with great anticipation.

WordPerfect 6 for Windows Tips & Techniques described the in's and out's of making the transition to the Windows version of WordPerfect, and bringing previously-created documents and templates along with you.  Corporations learned how to create training manuals and other long documents in-house.


The WordPerfect Idea Book

The WordPerfect Idea Book described how to create a unified family of business communications with any version of WordPerfect, by taking better control of the commands.

Jan V. White, author of Editing by Design, wrote about this book: "Parker uses the simplest of techniques to achieve stunning effects."

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