Author Guide to Creating One-Sheets that Sell

Looking for examples of effective one sheets?

Listen to this 1-hour recorded teleseminar presentation while downloading, printing, and studying several examples of excellent author one sheets.

Start by downloading the recording and handouts

Download the 1-hour audio recording.

While listening to the recording, download and print the hand-outs. Take take notes on the note-taking sheet, and explore the examples and resources.

Then, download, print, and study the 4 examples provided

Each of the following is an excellent example of one sheet copywriting and effective, brand-building layout and design.

As you view and print the examples, notice how the colors, type, and layout project a consistent, positive, upscale image.

Notice how each of the following one sheet organizes information and makes it easy to read the text.

I'm particularly impressed by the way each of the following examples maintains the "family look," but is visibly different from the other one sheets.

Background one sheet

Steve Savage's background sheet provides a concise and printable introduction and overview of his books and speaking topics.

Consulting one sheet

Prospects interested in learning about Steve's consulting experiences will find topics, qualifications, and testimonials from previous clients.

Speaker one sheet

Steve's speaker one sheet provides an overview of his speaking experiences.

Speaking assignments one sheet

This one sheet speaker one sheet provides an in-depth look at specific topics and audience/client testimonials.

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