Interview, Mark Levy, Become an Accidental Genius Through Your Writing

Freewriting can help you liberate your best ideas, insight, and content!

Meet Published & Profitable Expert Author interview guest, Mark Levy, from

Mark's shown in his kitchen, unpacking the first copies of his new book, Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content. His new book was recently published to great acclaim.

Mark's writing credits include the New York Times and The Fascination Factor, and How You Can Use It To Write Books that you can download here before listening to the recording of our call.

Thousands have benefited from his presentations and corporate training. He's considered a guru by thought leaders like David Meerman Scott, Debbie Weil, and Joe Vitale.

During our call, Mark Levy and I discussed specific ideas and tips you can take to develop and free a whole new level of ideas based on your existing knowledge.

You'll learn the limitations of conventional approaches to writing, and how you may be unconsciously stifling your best ideas. By freeing yourself from unnecessary censorship and constraint, you can write both better and easier.

Download a recording of my interview with Mark Levy

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