2-Page Spread Planning Worksheet

Explore the advantages of planning your book as a series of 2-page spreads!

Until now, it's been very difficult to plan your pages the way your readers will view your book after it has been printed books--viewing both the left-hand and right-hand pages at the same time.

This worksheet is the key to planning your book as a series of 2-page spreads, balancing the text and graphics on the left-hand page with the text and graphics on the right-hand page.

This is the design technique that, until now, required working with a top book designer, familiar with 2-page spreads.

Now, however, you can take advantage of the same technique art directors and information architects use to create best-selling books.

Get started now!

Start by exploring the visual advantages of 2-page spread planning by visiting the embedded book tours for books like Business Plan Generation and Sketching at Work. Whether you're using contemporary design techniques like devoting each page to a single topic, or devoting each 2-page spread to a specific topic, you'll find this worksheet takes the work out of planning and designing books with high visual impact.

Then, download my 2-page Spread Planning Worksheet and get started planning your own book--2 pages at a time.

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