Get personalized writing & developmental editing assistance when you need it

You can now get qualified, hands-on developmental editing assistance to help you write and self-publish your brand-building book on an affordable, as-needed basis

Usually, only authors writing books for large trade book publishers get to discuss their project and get honest & impartial feedback, suggestions, and hands-on help from someone who has not only addressed similar challenges before, but have done it over and over again.

What is developmental editing?

Developmental editing has little in common with looking for grammar and spelling errors. Instead,it's far more proactive; it involves creating a "big picture" of your book in the context of your goals, your readers, and your competition.

The goal of developmental editing is to save you time, reduce stress and sell more books by working as efficiently as possible. It involves making the right decisions as you address the 7 key areas involved in writing and self-publishing a book:

  1. Goals. What are your writing and self-publishing goals? How are you going to profit from your book?
  2. Readers. Who are your ideal readers, firms and individuals you want to build lasting relationships with?
  3. Competition. What are the leading books that your book will be competing with?
  4. Position. How can you make your book distinctively different from existing books on your topic?
  5. Efficiency. What's the easiest and fastest way you can get your book into your reader's hands?
  6. Demand. How can you build demand for your book...while you're writing it?
  7. Profit. What are some of the ways you can leverage your book into new opportunities and profits?

1-on-1 book coaching topics

I can help you address the topics listed below, usually in as few as two or three personalized 1-hour webinar-type, online working sessions. These programs include e-mail support in between. Here are the most popular:

  • Positioning your book. Self-publishing success begins with knowing how to analyze existing books in your field. I'll show you how to analyze competing books on so you can set your book apart from the competition.

  • Choosing the right book title. The title of your book plays a crucial role in its success. I can help you save time choosing a a title that immediately resonates with your target readers, delivering a complete sales pitch in a few words.

  • Organizing ideas into a table of contents. Writing is easier when you have an organized content plan for your book. Content plans save time and sell more books. I can help you organize your ideas into chapters, and chapters into the right order.
  • Finding the time to write. Time management is a crucial skill for authors writing and self-publishing their brand-building books. I can help you explore alternatives and set up a realistic writing plan.
  • Getting published faster. The sooner your book appears, the sooner it will begin working for you attracting new business and generating new profits. I can help you explore writing and publishing options and tools that can save you time.
  • Preparing a book proposal. Books are needed if you're interested in trade publishing, but they're also important for self-published books. I can work with you preparing a guide for decisions and action, regardless how your book gets published.

  • Book marketing plans. Ideas and writing are not enough; books don't "magically" find their readers. I can help you set up a marketing plan to build demand for your book before, during, and after the day it's published.

  • Evaluating your author platform. Every author needs a platform, an efficient way to consistently build a following and build lasting relationships with clients, prospects, and readers. I can help you evaluate your current platform and create a step-by-step program to extend your influence.

    Other task-oriented 1-on-l topics include:

  • Choosing a web designer.

  • Setting up a blog.

  • Creating a blog or podcast content plan.
  • Creating marketing one-sheets.

  • Overcoming writer's block.

  • Preparing list-building incentives like reports and tips.

Often, all that's needed to get started, or regain momentum writing and self-publishing a brand-building book is an hour, or two, with someone who's done it--over and over again.

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