Introduction to Mind Mapping 3-week mind mapping intensive

Tap into the power of mind mapping in just 3 hours, working with Roger C. Parker in a small group webinar environment

Learn how to write more in less time, making immediate progress on your next book, by profiting from the proven power of mind mapping.

Discover a new way to write! Instructions, templates, and examples; this 3 week intensive has it all!

I've been using mind mapping for over 10 years. During that time, I've become increasingly enthusiastic about its ability to multiply my time, and my clients' time, planning, writing, promoting, and profiting from published books.

In addition to developing my own set of mind mapping templates, and working with Mindjet on a template project, I've presented numerous MindManager webinars and have numerous guest posts to the Mindjet blog.

Technique, not software

The emphasis you'll get in these sessions is on technique, workflow, and productivity… not software.

You'll discover basic ideas and tasks that will quickly get you up to speed working with any type of mind mapping software---including Macintosh and Windows software for computers and laptops, mobile applications, and offline mind mapping on paper.

Why you'll want to attend

  • Get the basics. In a webinar environment, I'll take you on a tour of the typical mind mapping software screen and how to access the features common to most desktop or laptop environment.
  • Top 10 Templates. You'll receive my Top 10 writing templates, (described below), to help you plan, write, promote, and profit from your book. I'll review each of the templates and show you when and how to use them.
  • Workflow. Throughout the session, the emphasis will be on efficiently integrating the 10 templates into your ongoing workflow.
  • Ideas, best practices, and tips. I'll be sharing time-saving tips and shortcuts.
  • Examples.The handouts will include PDF's examples showing completed mindmaps so you can compare them to the templates.
  • Questions. There will be time during the call to ask questions. Between sessions, I'll be available to help you via e-mail.

Get my 10 Top Writing Templates

Here are the Top 10 Writing Templates you'll receive, along with instructions for putting them to work.

  1. Clarifying your writing goals
  2. Selecting the right readers for your book
  3. Analyzing competing books
  4. Organizing your ideas into a table of contents
  5. Writing on schedule and managing your time
  6. Creating a marketing content plan for your book
  7. Creating a launch plan for your book
  8. Creating an inbound marketing plan for your book
  9. Leveraging your book into back-end profit opportunities
  10. Choosing topics for follow-up books

What previous attendees have said

WOW, Terrific Mindmap session. Just awesome. Have a lot to think about. Deb Monfette

I have been a devoted user of MindJet products since at least 2000 so I kind of know about maps.

I mention all of this only to show that I am probably pretty far advanced for an "introductory" class like yesterday--BUT THAT WAS NOT THE CASE.

I got a HUGE amount out of yesterday's class. The detail of EXACTLY how to proceed with the maps and the handouts and the actual commentary opened my eyes to a lot that I had been missing. I was genuinely astonished at how much I got out of the course despite all the background i supposedly had. Tom O'Donnell

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My Introduction to Mind Mapping for Authors webinar includes handouts and 3 60-minute Tuesday evenings:

  • Tuesday, Feb 11, at 7:00 PM EST
  • Tuesday, Feb 18, 7:00 PM EST
  • Tuesday, Feb 25, 7:00 PM EST

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