Author Time Tracker Worksheet

Here's an easy way to track your time throughout the day

This is the worksheet I use to plan my daily writing goals and track my time throughout the day. It's the same worksheet I share with all of my book coaching clients.

My goal was to have both goals and time expenditures on a single sheet of paper.

At the end of each day, I can see at a glance where my I've spent time and how long I took on various writing and book marketing tasks.

Author Time-Tracker tips

  1. Download & save. Start by downloading the Author Time-Tracker Worksheet and saving it in your writing folder.
  2. Print on 3-hole paper. If possible, I encourage you to print the Author Time-Tracker Worksheet on 3-hole paper, so you can insert your worksheets in a 3-ring binder that's devoted to your writing. This keeps everything together in one place.
  3. Goals. I encourage you to fill-in your writing goals for the next day before you leave your office, or--even--right before going to sleep. This primes your brain to think about your writing goals while you're sleeping.
  4. Morning review. Review your Time-Tracker goals early the next morning, and after you get to the office. This review helps keep you focused during the day.
  5. Update. Frequently update the Time-Tracker throughout the day. Your updates don't have to be too detailed or descriptive, just enough to remind you of the project you were working on and the particular tasks you were performing.

  6. Save your worksheets. Save filled-in worksheets in your 3-ring binder for future reference.
  7. Organize your binder. You may want to invest in some tabbed dividers to organize your worksheets by the months. A variety of tabbed dividers are available, many blank, others numbered 1-12.


One of the biggest benefits of working with the Author Time-Tracker Worksheet is being able to review how you spent your time during previous months.

They may provide you with an entirely new perspective on where you're actually spending your time. This will make a big difference by helping you make more accurate predictions of how much time will be needed for future projects.

Download the Author Time-Tracker Worksheet and put it to work.

If you have any questions, or want to share your experiences with it, use my handy online form.

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