Part 8: Creating an Editorial Calendar

The easiest way to improve your content marketing is to create an editorial calendar displaying upcoming topics.

Start by choosing a topic, or theme, for each of the upcoming months during the coming year. Themes can be based on product categories, upcoming events (i.e., conventions or trade shows), or the challenges your readers must address in order to succeed.

Guides, not strait jackets

The purpose of an editorial calendar is not to "lock you" into specific topics, but to provide a way of organizing and focusing your ideas before you start to write.

Just knowing that "outdoor entertaining" is going to be the main theme for April will engage your brain and put it to work. While driving or sleeping, your brain will be thinking about topics associated with outdoor entertaining.

Separating planning from writing

Content marketing success begins when you separate planning from writing. Choosing topics at the last minute is an invitation to procrastination and stress. Having an idea of what you're going to write before you write primes your brain for productivity.

Committing to success

Plan without deadlines are destined to fail. It's not enough to know that April is going to be outdoor entertaining month.

Success requires knowing that your first issue is going to be a survey of outdoor speakers on April 5th, and that you're going to start preparing the issue on April 2th.

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