Part 9: Track What You Write

Create a system to track your content marketing, so you can measure its effectiveness and reuse what you've written for future projects.

Benefits include:

  • Metrics. Track the popularity of individual topics to learn which topics to revisit. Measure popularity based on traffic, comments, referrals, store visits, or sales.

  • Expand what you've written. Be efficient; use what you've written as the basis of future articles that go deeper into product features or buyer benefits.

  • Reformat your ideas. Convert what you've written into new formats, such as converting articles into podcasts or videos, sales training, or catalog product descriptions.

Tracking tips

The simpler your tracking system, the more likely you'll consistently use it.

Use an Excel spreadsheet, for example, to list topics, article titles, and filenames. Add hyperlinks to files saved on your computer. You'll be able to sort and search your list in seconds.

The time you invest setting up a content marketing tracking system will be repaid over and over again in the future.

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