Part 10: Most Desired Action

Before you start to write, ask yourself, "What's the MDA--or, Most Desired Action--I want readers to take?"

Knowing the Most Desired Action saves you time and helps you create better content. It focuses your attention on your reader's goals and helps you select the most appropriate information for each topic.

Possible MDA's

Most Desired Action options include

  • Order now. If you're preparing content for B2C, or business-to-consumer marketing, include a link to an order form or ordering instructions.

  • Learn more. Move prospects towards a purchase by including a link to a web page where they can learn more, download a product sheet, or watch a video.

  • Free bonus. If your goal is to build your email mailing list, offer something valuable--like an ebook, worksheet, or special report--in exchange for signing-up to receive your newsletters.

  • Take a survey. Consider offering a survey to help readers test their knowledge or share their opinions.


Start by identifying the Most Desired Action, and build towards it from the first sentence.

Strive for simplicity. Avoid ambiguity. Limit each topic to one Most Desired Action.

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