Part 11: Using Subheads to Organize Content

Put subheads to work improving your content marketing.

Subheads are words or phrases inserted between paragraphs. Use them to organize your ideas by indicating the end of one topic and the beginning of the next.

Subheads act like magnets, attracting your reader's eyes. They add visual interest to your content. They also make it easy for readers skimming your message to locate topics of potential interest.

Formatting subheads

Here are some formatting tips:

  • Frequency. Add subheads every time you introduce new ideas.

  • Emphasis. Format your subheads so they stand out from adjacent text. Set them noticeably larger and bolder.

  • White space. Add white space above subheads to emphasize the separation from the previous topic.

  • Formatting to avoid. Avoid setting subheads entirely in upper case text, i.e., "capital letters." Likewise, do not underline subheads. Both options make subheads hard to read.

Be concise

Keep subheads as short as possible. Use words or phrases, instead of full sentences. Avoid 2-line subheads whenever possible.

Learn more about subheads by paying attention to how they are used in articles, books, and white papers.

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