Part 12: Linking Tips for Content Marketing

Use links to multiply the effectiveness of your content marketing.

Here are four ways to use links to improve your content marketing:

  1. Provide more information. Don't include everything you know in a single article or blog post. Instead, provide links to online resources where readers can learn more. These links can be on your website or other websites. (Links to other websites can improve your site's search engine ranking.)

  2. Downloadable resources. Whenever possible, provide links to downloadable and printable sales and literature sheets, reports, and white papers. These are often easier to read, save, and remember.

  3. Tools. Help readers take action by offering online and offline assessments, checklists, and worksheets. These build bridges between ideas and action.

  4. Landing pages. These are pages on your site optimized for specific purposes like building your e-mail marketing list, generating sales leads, taking orders, or surveying your market. Use landing pages to test market product ideas, prices, headlines, and titles. Landing pages don't appear in your site's navigation, improving the accuracy of the data they generate.

Tips for adding links

After completing the first draft of your article or blog post, look for ways to use links to keep your visitors involved by provide additional information.

Then, look for ways to use links to either encourage readers to take the next step or to use the links as testing tools to improve the quality of your content marketing.

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