Part 13: Embedding Files in Your Content

Embed files into your content marketing to make it easier for readers to take the next step.

Embedding is more effective than linking. Embedding increases your chances for success.

  • Linking. When you only provide a link to a presentation or video, many visitors may not click the link to access a different website. If they do, they might not return to your article or blog post.

  • Embedding. When the presentation or video is embedded in your content, however, prospects can immediately view your presentation or video. And, when they're through, they're still on your site.

Embedding is also powerful because prospects see a thumbnail image of the cover or title slide. They can immediately zoom-in to view the image at higher magnification or explore additional pages.

Putting Embedded files to work

In addition to embedding multi-page PDFs into your content, here are some often-overlooked ways to use embedded files for content marketing:

  1. Presentations. Use services like SlideShare to host and embed PowerPoint presentations. After uploading, you can add audio narration and response devices like forms for ordering or asking questions.

  2. Audios and videos. Embedding allows you to easily insert audios, YouTube videos, and Screenr screencasts. Screencasts display your computer monitor and keystrokes while you narrate how you used a software program to complete a task.

  3. Interactive graphics. Interactive graphics, popularized by Prezi, allow visitors to explore infographics at their own speed. Likewise, mind mapping programs like Mindjet allow prospects to explore your mind maps.

  4. Surveys and events. SurveyMonkey allows you to embed surveys and questionnaires into your articles and blog posts, making it easy for prospects to ask questions and share opinions. Eventbrite allows you to embed event registration forms into your content, improving response.


Clearly, there's more to content than articles and blog posts.

Take the time to explore how embedding can add impact to your message and convert more online visitors into prospects and clients.

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