Part 14: Curating Versus Creating Content

You don't have to always create content from scratch.

You can also select, analyze, and share content that originates elsewhere.

The benefits of curating content includes:

  • Maintains your visibility and improves your online presence, attracting search engines and more website traffic.

  • Saves you time by freeing you from the necessity of writing topics from scratch.

  • Enhances your expert image and provides opportunities to analyze and build-on the work of others.

Content curation provides an efficient way to promote yourself as a trusted and valuable filter with a "big picture" understanding of your field.

3 Steps to content curation success

  1. Identify the relevant experts. This includes authors, speakers, competitors, and commentators in your field as well as inspiring sources outside of your field. Be sure to include your important clients and prospects. Rank the experts in order of importance.

  2. Automate your research. Subscribe to the blog feeds and email addresses of those you consider most important. Sign-up for news feeds like Google alerts personally compiled digital publications like Zite., to inform you via email whennew content appears addressing your key search terms and topics.

  3. Commit to efficiency. Manage your time and create a schedule for researching and posting curated content. Review and post curated content at scheduled intervals. Focus on the most promising resources and topics.

Periodically, review your sources and un-follow or unsubscribe from low-value resources.

Pros and cons of content curation

Aim to create a balance between content creation and content curation.

  • Created content builds equity in your brand that you can revisit and, if desired, leverage into new products and services.

  • Content curation exposes you to new ideas, saves time, and can help you build relationships with experts in your field.

Both can play significant roles in your content marketing.

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