Get a fresh perspective on your content marketing!

Here are some of the ways I use my "insider's view" of consumer electronics to help clients like you:


  • Clarify your content marketing goals and objectives

  • Analyze the characteristics of your ideal clients and their information needs

  • Analyze your competition's content marketing

  • Locate topics and themes for newsletters and blog posts

  • Create monthly and weekly editorial calendar of upcoming articles

  • Track good ideas you find elsewhere for later use


  • Plan upcoming blog posts, and newsletters

  • Copywrite articles and blog posts on monthly basis

  • Help you better manage your time so you can get done in less time

  • Discover creativity and productivity tools like dashboards and mind mapping

  • Explore new content marketing options (SlideShare, podcasts, videos, eCourses)

  • Plan, design, copywrite list-building incentives like ebooks, reports, and white papers

  • Plan and prepare speeches and presentations

  • Explore best practices for adding graphics to articles and blog posts


  • Evaluate pros and cons of current website

  • Set up a blog platform

  • Explore ways to refresh a tired website

  • Prepare sign-up incentives and bonuses

  • Copywriting for home pages, about us, and landing pages

  • Leverage your convent with social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)


  • Create a marketing funnel to attract qualified prospects and convert them to long-term prospects

  • Create a guest posting and commenting strategy to promote your content marketing

  • Program development for firms interested in helping distributors and retailers improve their content marketing capabilities.

  • locate existing copy that can be recycled, compiled, and reformatted

  • Use metrics to track the effectiveness of your content marketing

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I call Roger C. Parker "The Great Simplifier."

Katy Coletto, Mindjet Corporation.

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