Bonus Resources for Those Who Attended My Content Marketing World Presentation

Thank you for attending my presentation at Content Marketing World 2013

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Download an updated set of my presentation handouts and note-taking sheets.

Download my free workbook

99 Questions to Ask Before You Write and Self-publish a Brand-building Book!. It's a step-by-step guide to planning, writing, promoting, and profiting from your book. (Here are answers to the first 31 Questions.)

Visit my Published & Profitable blog with thousands of checklists, ideas, tips, and worksheets.

Links to my guest posts at the Content Marketing Institute, my Active Garage Author's Journey, and the Personal Branding Blog.

Preview: New Writing & Publishing Worksheets

Recommended book title resources

Mind mapping resources

My Mindjet winning mind map and featured user profile.

Latest Mindjet Content Dashboard series

My original Mindjet Content Dashboard series.

Free report,, Mind Mapping for Marketers & Authors, an introduction to visual thinking to save time managing ideas, projects, and time.

SlideShare resources

Background and clients

How the 7-step Content Marketing plan that earned my boss earn an $87,000,000 paycheck

What coaching clients say,(including David Meerman Scott).

Favorite long-term copywriting and marketing client quotes:

  • Over the past 25 years, I've learned to value Roger as much for his judgment ability as his clear, concise writing style. Roger calls things as he sees them and is not afraid to speak his mind. His advice has made me millions. ...(Unsolicited July 2013 update) From all of the people involved in my recent project, you are the only one that has done what you said you would do and within the time period agreed upon. Matter of fact, you did it in less time! Jeff Sandine, Radius Security.

  • Roger C. Parker has exhibited a remarkable consistency throughout the decades I have known him. Roger has always put his client's and employer's best interests above his own. He has always based his marketing recommendations on the pillars of target marketing, market education and customer retention. Roger is a catalyst who makes things happen by painlessly introducing major change. He is self-motivated, self-managing, and-most important-self-correcting. He treats his client's businesses like his own. William Pearsall, M&A, Seattle.

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