Joe Pulizzi Interview shares the Inside Story Behind Epic Content Marketing

Get a new perspective on writing a book to drive your business and build your brand

In this exclusive interview, Joe Pulizzi candidly describes the steps he went through planning, writing, and marketing Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less.

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Content marketing's "poster boy"

Joe Pulizzi calls himself the "poster boy of Content Marketing."

He's spent over a decade teaching businesses how to be publishers. Joe is the founder and Executive Director of the Content Marketing Institute. Joe's also the the driving force behind Content Marketing World, the world's largest content marketing event.

Interview highlights

Highlights of my Epic Content Marketing interview with Joe Pulizzi include his discussion about topics like:

  • Choosing the right title and subtitle. Joe describes how Epic Content Marketing was not the first title, and what turned out to be the hardest part of selecting the title and subtitle.

  • Blogging and writing a book. You'll learn the surprising role that the Content Marketing Blog played in writing Epic Content Marketing.

  • Marketing a bestselling book. All books require marketing, no matter how well written they are. Epic Content Marketing was no exception. You'll learn the steps taken to ensure the book's success.

  • Books and profits. Learn Joe Pulizzi's perspective on evaluating a book's contribution to your business.

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