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•  Joe Pulizzi Interview shares the Inside Story Behind Epic Content Marketing

•  Mindjet selects Roger Parker mind map as the March Mappie winner

•  Introduction to Mind Mapping 3-week mind mapping intensive

•  Ideas & tips for answering the 99 Questions online

•  Question 1: Goals

•  Interview, Steve Wilkinghoff, Networking Your Way to Book Publishing Success

•  Interview, Mark Levy, Become an Accidental Genius Through Your Writing

•  August 2010 End-of-month coaching call

•  Author Guide to becoming a guest blogger

•  What to do if your writing project has hit a brick wall

•  By popular demand -- The Best of Roger's Best

•  Do you need help writing a book to build your personal brand?

•  Samples of Published & Profitable Weekly Writing Tips

•  Social marketing tips for authors, Paul Gillin interview highlights

•  Content marketing tips for authors, Newt Barrett's interview highlights

•  An author's guide to developmental editing

•  Writing tips for authors from Richard Bolles' interview

•  Editing tips for authors from Nancy McCurry's interview

•  Secrets of writing success from Bob Burg's 1-hour interview

•  AUDIO--March 2009 end-of-month member coaching call

•  What agents look for in authors, from Jim Levine interview

•  The unchanging principles of writing success

•  Examine a mind map of Jonathan Fields' best-selling guide to becoming a Career Renegade

•  Recorded Coaching Session: Jumpstarting sales of Tim Barretto's 'Searching for Joy'

•  Learn how to use a mind map to plan your social media marketing

•  Examine an interactive mind map of Malcolmn Gladwell's 'Outliers: The Story of Success'

•  12 characteristics of meaningful nonfiction books

•  An Author's Guide to Mind Mapping for Writers and Marketers

•  Lessons from Timothy Ferris' '4-Hour Workweek'

•  Take a 24-minute, narrated, video tour of Published & Profitable's writing resources and tools

•  ASSESSMENT: Are you making the most of Microsoft Word?

•  Online telseminar content and marketing planning worksheet

•  Find the time to write and promote your book using this online worksheet

•  Get a head start on your book proposal by answering this 12-question online worksheet

•  Test Your Book Publishing IQ using this online assessment

•  Lessons from C.J. Hayden's 'Get Clients Now!'

•  How to avoid the 12 biggest newsletter design mistakes

•  12 ways authors save time using mind maps

•  How to avoid 12 biggest mistakes of first-time authors

•  12 essential characteristics of successful book titles

Displaying Matches 1 thru 40 of 40 Found