Resources for planning, writing, promoting, and profiting from a published book
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•  Landing page optimization tips for authors

•  Author marketing tips for

•  MAP TEMPLATE: Universal E-Book Planner

•  INTERVIEW: C.J. Hayden, tells how to Get Clients Now!

•  How to get a head start planning and writing your book

•  Tips for planning, promoting, and presenting teleseminars

•  Bill Hill's 'The Magic of Reading'

•  Questions to ask your publisher after signing a contract, before beginning work

•  12 ways to promote your book while writing it

•  Postcard marketing and promotion for authors

•  12 elements of cover architecture

•  How to create a Published & Profitable binder

•  Download 2 free chapters of Design to Sell

•  Biggest Newsletter Design Mistakes to Avoid

•  Microsoft Word efficiency tips for authors

•  AUDIOS + MAPS: Napoleon Hill's 'Think and Grow Rich'

•  Questions to ask when interviewing web designers

•  Tips for choosing the right graphic designer

•  Tips for editing and proofing your writing

•  12 things literary agents want to know about you

•  Richard Bolles, 'What Color Is Your Parachute?'

•  Learning from the '...For Dummies' series

•  Choosing the right format for your book

•  How to prevent, and cure, writer's block

•  12 elements of page architecture

•  Examining the pros and cons of trade publishing

•  The 12 elements of book architecture

•  Why all authors should blog

•  Glossary of important blogging terms

•  How to put teleseminars to work as soon as possible

•  12 biggest e-book design mistakes

•  12 ways to create back-end profits based on your book

•  How to avoid 12 biggest mistakes of first-time authors

•  Tip sheet marketing made easy

•  Essentials of file management for authors

Displaying Matches 1 thru 35 of 35 Found