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Step 2: Write Archives

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•  Author Time Tracker Worksheet

•  Sample Book Proposal: Jack Hart's Story Craft

•  2-Page Spread Planning Worksheet

•  6 Super Easy Content Tips for Self-Publishing Success

•  Build your coaching business by writing a book that engages your prospect's attention

•  Download Patrick Snow's Creating Your Own Destiny book proposal

•  Author Guide to Case Study Research

•  Author Small Steps Planning Worksheet

•  Author Guide to Conducting Research Interviews

•  Author Guide to Planning a Book Proposal

•  Content Inventory Worksheet

•  Author Guide to Writing with Others

•  Author Guide to Writer's Block

•  Author Guide to Time Management

•  Author Guide to Preparing Your Book's Back Cover

•  Locating & Working with Developmental Editors

•  MAP TEMPLATE Research Interview Planner

•  MAP TEMPLATE: Detailed Chapter Planner

•  Principles of Writing Success

•  MindManager template for planning a speech

•  MindManager template for interviewing experts

•  PANEL DISCUSSION, 'Writing with a Co-Author'

•  Questions to ask your publisher after signing a contract, before beginning work

•  12 building blocks of chapter architecture

•  12 ways to write your book, a little at a time

•  Video - How to Prevent and Cure Writer's Block

•  Getting Started, Step 2: Write

•  MindManager Research & Interview Planning Template

•  Glossary Planning Map

•  Universal Project Planning Map

•  Microsoft Word efficiency tips for authors

•  ASSESSMENT: Are you making the most of Microsoft Word?

•  WORKSHEET: How to interview an expert in your field

•  WORKSHEET: Deadline planner for writing your book

•  WORKSHEET: 12-week progress tracker

•  DOWNLOAD: 99-entry Glossary template

•  Find the time to write and promote your book using this online worksheet

•  Tips for editing and proofing your writing

•  How to prevent, and cure, writer's block

•  12 elements of page architecture

•  The 12 elements of book architecture

•  Essentials of file management for authors

Displaying Matches 1 thru 42 of 42 Found