Resources for planning, writing, promoting, and profiting from a published book
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Step 4: Profit Archives

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•  Interview: John Fox on the benefits of simple books

•  Interview: Lorrie Thomas's fresh perspective on online marketing

•  Interview, Jane Atkinson, How to Launch a Profitable Speaking Career

•  How to easily create one sheets to attract speaking invitations

•  Author Guide to Learning from the Success of Others

•  MAP TEMPLATE: Workshop Planner

•  MAP TEMPLATE: Universal E-Book Planner

•  TEMPLATE: Choose the right business model for your coaching career

•  How to profit from a book ideas you can't sell

•  Case study: Creating and promoting back-end profits from your book

•  The real significance of Dan Poynter's 'Book Publishing Encyclopedia'

•  INTERVIEW: Brian Jud, Sales 'Beyond the Bookstore'

•  Getting Started, Part 4: Profit

•  Back-end Profit Planning Map

•  Future Title Planning Map

•  WORKSHEET: Planning a membership site

•  WORKSHEET: How to interview an expert in your field

•  WORKSHEET: Webinar content and promotion planner

•  How to use evaluations and reviews to boost book sales and back-end profits

•  ASSESSMENT - Evaluate your new business proposal

•  12 biggest e-book design mistakes

•  12 ways to create back-end profits based on your book

Displaying Matches 1 thru 22 of 22 Found