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download  *A001-Site Tour*   *A001-Site Tour*

  Site Tour Audio

download  *A002-Choosing Titles*   *A002-Choosing Titles*

  How to choose the right title for your book

download  *A003-Analyze Competing Books*   *A003-Analyze Competing Books*

  Audio for the webinar "How to analyze competing books in your field"

download  *A004-Choosing the right approach*   *A004-Choosing the right approach*

  Audio of the webinar "Choosing the right approach for your book" Includes a bonus 15 minutes of Q&A

download  *A005-Prevent & Cure Writer's Block*   *A005-Prevent & Cure Writer's Block*

  Audio of the webinar "How to Prevent and Cure Writer's Block"

download  *A006-Websites for Authors*   *A006-Websites for Authors*

  Audio of the webinar "Websites for Authors"

download  *A007-Driving Readers to Website*   *A007-Driving Readers to Website*

  Audio for webinar "Driving Readers to your Website"

download  *Interview-Rob Lebow*   *Interview-Rob Lebow*


Get the inside story on creating a nonfiction book that not only matters, but has brought great success to Rob and his family. Learn specific steps he took to promote his book and his message around the world.

download  *Interview-Michael Port*   *Interview-Michael Port*

  Let Michael Port share with you the lessons he learned planning, writing, promoting, and profiting from his best-selling nonfiction book.

download  *Interview-Bud Bidlanich*   *Interview-Bud Bidlanich*

  INTERVIEW: Bud Bidlanich, the "Common Sense Guy," shares his branding, self-publishing, and publishing secrets

download  *Interview-Paul B. Brown*   *Interview-Paul B. Brown*

  Meet Paul B. Brown, co-author of Customers for Life and author of Publishing Confidential: An Insider's Guide to What it Really Takes to Land a Nonfiction Book Deal

download  *Interview-Jan V. White*   *Interview-Jan V. White*

  This interview is not just about graphic design: authors in all fields can benefit from Jan V. White's comments about writing and the creative process.

download  *Interview-Brent Sampson*   *Interview-Brent Sampson*

  What are the economics of self-publishing versus trade publishing, and what are the steps involved? We asked the author of Self-Publishing Simplified to give us the low-down.

download  *Interview-Rick Frishman*   *Interview-Rick Frishman*

  Get an insider's perspective on the latest trends in publishing and how do they affect your ability to get profitably published?

download  *P&P Author Chat 1*   *P&P Author Chat 1*

  Author Chat January 25, 2008

Your selection returned: 32 items   -   Displaying Matches 1 thru 15 of 32 Found.    NEXT