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Here's what Published & Profitable readers and subscribers are saying ...
Your step-by-step path took the "someday" out of my, "Someday I will write a book."
William Pearsall
Belleue, WA M&A

...fantastic and inspiring, just the kick in the pants (and action plan) I needed.
Debbie Weil
Author, Corporate Blogging Book

I've just moved "write a book" from my dream list to my to-do list. Now I know I can translate my knowledge into additional sources of income and credibility for my practice.
David Woods
Creating Key Clients

Roger's structure, process, and insight can help you transform your knowledge and expertise into a practical and profitable book.
Ross Allen

Takes the work and uncertainty out of writing by showing how planning, structure, and promotion, make it easy to translate ideas into career enhancement and dollars.
Thom Hartmann
Psychologist and futurist

I never thought I could successfully write and promote a book. Now, I know I can and I will.
Steve Zaboji
Balaton Marketing
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Learn success secrets from today's "thought leaders" and influential nonfiction authors

During our "Thought Leader" Interview Series, successful bestselling authors share the habits and secrets they used to position, leverage, and profit wildly from their books.

Listen and get a behind the scenes view of writing, publishing, and book marketing.

Writing secrets you can profit from...year after year

Listen to authors with "master" nonfiction authors from a variety of fields (content marketing, design, influence & persuasion, presentations, and website optimization) use their books to considently generate millions of dollars in long-term profits year after year.

In our interview series, you'll get practical ideas and advice from best-selling authors like Bob Burg, Joe Pulizzi, Sunni Brown, Dan Roam, as well as first-time, self-published authors.

You'll learn:

  • What's the most efficient way to write a book
  • Trends and topics that sell
  • Lessons that will save you time and aggravation
  • How to come up with book ideas
  • How to inspire your readers
  • How to leverage your book into a consistent income stream

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What book coaching clients say...

Find out what coaching clients, like David Meerman Scott, say about working with Roger.

Recent unsolicited client quotes:

  • Over the past 25 years, I've learned to value Roger as much for his judgment ability as his clear, concise writing style. Roger calls things as he sees them and is not afraid to speak his mind. His advice has made me millions. ...(Unsolicited July 2013 update) From all of the people involved in my recent project, you are the only one that has done what you said you would do and within the time period agreed upon. Matter of fact, you did it in less time! Jeff Sandine, Radius Vision.

  • Roger C. Parker has exhibited a remarkable consistency throughout the decades I have known him. Roger has always put his client's and employer's best interests above his own. He has always based his marketing recommendations on the pillars of target marketing, market education and customer retention. Roger is a catalyst who makes things happen by painlessly introducing major change. He is self-motivated, self-managing, and-most important-self-correcting. He treats his client's businesses like his own. William Pearsall, M&A, Seattle.

Share your content and writing questions and concerns via email or here.

Recently added member content includes:
Joe Pulizzi Interview shares the Inside Story Behind Epic Content Marketing
Want to learn how successful business books are planned, written, and marketed? Listen as the founder of the Content Marketing Institute shares the story behind his bestselling Epic Content Marketing. . . . Keep Reading
INTERVIEW: Andy Crestodina, Positioning Your Book in a Crowded Field
INTERVIEW: Andy Crestodina, Positioning Your Book in a Crowded Field INTERVIEW. Andy Crestodina, author of Content Chemistry: An Illustrate Handbook for Content Marketing, shares ideas for positioning your book. . . . Keep Reading
Questions to Ask When Auditing Your Writing Progress
Questions to Ask When Auditing Your Writing Progress The March end-of-month book coaching call was devoted to questions to ask when auditing your writing progress. Published & Profitable members can listen to the suggested questions and the discussion that followed. . . . Keep Reading
June End-of-month book coaching call
June End-of-month book coaching call Our June End-of-month book coaching call began with a discussion of 2 key questions: Can you really write a book in just 1 weekend? and Building your personal brand in 30 minutes, or less. The remainder of the call was devoted to responding to caller questions. . . . Keep Reading
Author Time Tracker Worksheet
Author Time Tracker Worksheet Time management plays a major role in writing and publishing success. Here's an easy way to plan your daily writing goals and track your time during the day. Both goals and actual time can be easily recorded throughout the day on a single, handy sheet. . . . Keep Reading
May End-of-month Book Coaching Call
May End-of-month Book Coaching Call Listen in to anPublished & Profitable's unusually spirited book coaching call as several friends and members asked provocative questions about writing books and building personal brands. Topics discussed included blogs and creating a blog content plan. . . . Keep Reading
Mindjet selects Roger Parker mind map as the March Mappie winner
Mindjet selects Roger Parker mind map as the March Mappie winner Dover NH, March 21st, 2012 -- Mindjet, announced yesterday that best-selling author Roger C. Parker submitted the winning mind map for their monthly Mappie contest. Roger's Publishing Success Cycle map describes 20 questions authors should ask before writing and publishing a book. . . . Keep Reading
Introduction to Mind Mapping 3-week mind mapping intensive
Introduction to Mind Mapping 
3-week mind mapping intensive Learn how to save time using mind maps to help you plan, write, promote, and profit from a published book. Attend 3 "small group" webinar sessions plus handouts and copies of my Top 10 mind map templates for writers. . . . Keep Reading
January End-of-month Book Coaching Call
January End-of-month Book Coaching Call Published & Profitable's first end-of-month book coaching call of 2012 began with a discussion of the main obstacles to writing a book, then discussed some of the ways to establish an online presence without a blog or website. . . . Keep Reading
December end-of-month book coaching call
December end-of-month book coaching call Listen as host Roger C. Parke reviews the highlights of book publishing in 2011 and callers from around the world discuss their 2012 book publishing goals. Each call begins with a review of a few key topics followed by attendee comments and questions. . . . Keep Reading
INTERVIEW, Duncan Crary, turning podcasts into a published book
INTERVIEW, Duncan Crary, turning podcasts into a published book Listen as Duncan Crary describes the steps he took turning 3 years of weekly podcasts into The KunstlerCast: Conversations with James Howard Kunstler. You'll get a new perspective on podcasting, networking, and publishing success. . . . Keep Reading
Introduction to Mind Mapping for Authors webinar series
New webinar series shows authors how to save time and increase productivity using the power of mind mapping Based on his own success and experiences with Mindjet's mind mapping software, best-selling author Roger C. Parker, recently announced . . . Keep Reading
MAP TEMPLATE: Universal E-Book Planner
MAP TEMPLATE: Universal E-Book Planner E-books can greatly enhance an author's profits by providing a product that can be delivered electronically without any printing or distribution costs. Published & Profitable's Universal E-book Planner provides a framework to plan every aspect of your e-book's success before you begin writing. . . . Keep Reading
INTERVIEW: Rob Lebow, Top 100 Thought Leader
INTERVIEW: Rob Lebow, Top 100 Thought Leader Get the inside story on creating a nonfiction book that not only matters, but has brought great success to Rob and his family. Learn specific steps he took to promote his book and his message around the world. . . . Keep Reading
TEMPLATE Report-format newsletter
TEMPLATE Report-format newsletter My ready-to-complete Reports" One-Page Newsletter format is perfect for online or offline use. Designed to be completed with with Microsoft Publisher software, this template makes it easy for authors to keep in touch and educate clients and prospects. . . . Keep Reading
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